The Morgue Haunted House

The Morgue

We're waitng for you in THE MORGUEThe Morgue is a 1920s School building. In 1929 a deadly influenza epidemic swept through the area, leaving scores of people dead. Families and authorities were too overwhelmed with the volume of deaths to be able to bury and care for the deceased in a timely manner. School instruction was abandoned, and the school was set up as temporary Morgue facility, with bodies housed throughout the the three floors. 

No one knows exactly what happened, but the legend says that one day when the newly deceased were being dropped off, all the bodies were gone, and reports of zombies roaming the school and grounds have been told ever since.

Two children who went to investigate the report were apparently bludgeoned to death with a broomstick from the janitor’s closet. Some say the laughter and footsteps of children can still be heard, even when no one is around. The woman who held the key to the temporary morgue is reported to have been sighted at the door, still guarding the zombies inside and luring in new flesh for them to eat. Visitors lucky enough to survive call her the Morgue witch. Be nice to her, as she holds the key for you to get in…and to get out.

Others you may encounter are the corpse bride, Leatherface and the black and white zombie of the woods, and the twisted boy, who can wrap his leg around his head. They are eager for you to visit. But not so eager for you to leave.

Save yourself while you still have a chance…


  • Haunted woods
  • Best wait area in the region - NO STANDING in lines!  Hang out around the bonfire and wait for your group number to be called!
  • HUGE bonfire all night long
  • Concession stand
  • Free parking
  • Big screen for movies and videos
  • Three-floor haunted house
  • Slide to Hell

Team Rigor Mortis

Chalk one up for Team Rigor Mortis for proving how limber they are when it comes to doing some truly frightening things real fast with makeup. And no, we’re not talking about blue eye shadow gone wrong.

Marla Van Lanen and Brianna Klein, both of The Morgue haunted house in De Pere, took top honors at the Bloody Mary Monster Makeup Wars competition earlier this month at the 10th annual Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, Ohio. READ FULL ARTICLE

2016 Top Fan-Voted "Must-See" Haunt - #9 in Wisconsin -

Visitors Choice Award


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